• Rebounder - "Flip" Washington Spirit


    Ladies and Gentlemen!!  Introducing... "Flip".

    Flip is our most popular soccer rebounder edition.  This versatile wall gives your the same vertical wall training that our original kick wall gave you and adds a "flip" function whereby you turn the board over to create a slanted wall for aerial receipt training.  Two walls in one!  This wall is super compact and can fit in the back seat of most cars and SUV trunks.  Take it wherever you go!  Our rebounders are custom made for each order.  After payment is received and a logo design finalized, it takes up to 8-10 business days for us to build then ship out (or be ready for pickup).  We'll always strive to beat that timeline and appreciate your business!

    This wall is solid at 65lbs!  If you have to carry or reposition the rebounder often, consider adding the the "Roll-a-Wall" wheel accessory package.  Trust us, you will thank us later!  

    Please specify the color you'd like for your wall in the options menu.

    If you are buying 5 walls or more, consider the CB Soccer "Flip Wall Cart"!  This is a modified, retrofitted, and repurposed Gorilla Cart. This cart is built specially for your Flip walls, slotted and padded to carry up to 5 walls.  Oversized 15" pneumatic turf tires make it easy for any adult to pull... across any surface.

    Buy the cart as part of a 5 CB Soccer Flip Wall System and get the cart for only $500.  Buy 2 systems (10 flip walls) and get 2 carts for $350 each (50% off single item pricing).  Contact us for more information.  

    See our video at:  CB Soccer's "Flip" Wall

    More about Kick Wall Training:

    Quite simply, the wall is the ultimate training tool. There is no better mechanism to maximize repetition and to build the muscle-memory necessary to master key skills. You can train for EVERY SINGLE skill you need as a soccer player using a wall.

    The wall is for everybody, from U6 players to the top professional players. To truly make progress as a player and to become better than your teammates, you need to do something extra. All players attend their team practices, but you need to do something more, and there is no better tool that will provide you that something more than a wall. If you can learn how to train with a wall, and you dedicate yourself to it, you will improve your game by leaps and bounds.

    All boards are made from quality pressure treated lumber to maximize outdoor longevity.  

    NOTE:  Item measures 51" (wide) x 25" (tall) x 5" (legs folded depth) and weighs approximately 65lbs.  This is a solid product!  

    Pick up address is in Haymarket VA.  If delivery is desired, please select shipping option at checkout.