Kicking Corona

We here at CB Soccer LLC want you to know that we are here for you.  While we can't get together and train, we know that your need to continue training and developing doesn't stop.  And that many of you are stuck at home trying to find new ways each day to "grow through it".  CB soccer and the following local clubs have started a "Kicking Corona" initiative, and we are taking orders for personalized "kick walls".   







Ten percent of each sale will go directly back to a healthcare organization of your choice, or to your club for scholarship opportunities, admin expenses, or small business needs (to help offset the economic impacts of COVID-19 to your club). 

1.    Click here to order your Kick Wall:  Kick Wall

2.    Decide if you want it personalized or not.

3.    If you don’t see your club listed, contact us and we can add them immediately. 

4.    Turn- around time is approximately 1-2 weeks; sometimes faster, sometimes slower.  We are happy to give you a closer “guesstimate” upon order. 

5.    “WE give a KICK!”   Please consider donating to a kid, a club, or a pro!  So many of us are looking for a way to help someone in need of getting outside and continuing to grow and train.  You can order a kick wall for someone special with a note that might read “From Grandma and Grandpa” or give anonymously to the cause.  We are HAPPY to give to a disadvantaged kid or a local pro player who is self-isolating a kick wall.   Contact us at for help with monetary donations or ordering kick walls for others. 

6.  We are sensitive to the economic stress on some families, especially during these times of battling COVID-19.  If you'd rather build your own kick wall and save some money, it's easy to do with some basic tools and could be a great project to do together as a family.  Click here for some kick wall designs and materials listing:  Build Your Own Kick Wall 

We are truly in this together.  #kickingcorona