What Parents are saying about CB Soccer, LLC

"Coach Beckman is the true definition of a top level Soccer Coach. She has a passion for soccer that I have never seen from any other coach. Her knowledge of training and developing individual skills as well as playing as team exceeds that of any other coach that my son has worked with. The level of training is impeccable to say the least. My son has grown tremendously working with her. She has a patients but a stern way of coaching that gets the kids intrigued and hungry to learn more and perfect what they are learning. The level of playing that I have seen in my son as well as other kids she has trained is top notch. I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about developing their skills as competitive soccer player to attend her trainings and camps. You will not be sorry!"  Angelique Michael

"Bridie Sheahan is a U-15 Center Forward for the Virginia Developmental Academy (VDA) and has been training with Coach Beckman for about 1 year. Specifically Coach Beckman has been working with Bridie on positional training.  Coach Beckman has trained Bridie to improve her first touch, and placement while striking the ball.   In addition, Coach Beckmanhas worked with Bridie on her technical skills and speed of play.  This fall season, Bridie's confidence has skyrocketed and her overall performance on the field has been strong.  Bridie is an eighth grader at Ronald Reagan Middle School and will be attending Battlefield High School in the fall of 2018."  Shannon Sheahan

"I've known Coach Kristi Beckman for over 8 years now. She has coached and trained my older son at both the high school and club levels. She was also an active liaison in helping him receive a scholarship to play college soccer. She now coaches and trains my younger son. Coach Beckman has a passion for what she does that sets her apart for other coaches. She has experience in training players at the elementary, club, high school, college and professional levels. Her caring and hands on coaching style enables players of all ages to feel comfortable under her tutelage. Coach Beckman's approach to training players is genuine. She is motivating and extremely dedicated to developing technically sound soccer players. CB Soccer will only help Coach Beckman expand on what she does best... developing the skills of every soccer player."  Reginald Black

“Coach Beckman is a teacher, and has been for some time. Whether in the classroom, in her community, or on the soccer field, she is always ready to teach a lesson and drive forward and farther the people she works with, through the disciplines of teamwork, commitment, and dedication. She has been influenced and inspired by many people, places, and ideas –and she brings them all together and shares them to get the best out of everyone. That’s a special coach, a special person…”  Albert Ament

“I met Coach Beckman through my oldest son’s high school soccer team; as she was the team’s coach. She came across as a tough individual, but as I got to know her at a personal level, I realized that her resilience was part of needing to be strong with the young men she was leading. Young high school boys are not always easy to get through, but she broke through them with kindness and a caring heart. She made sure that those young boys would grow into excellent men, not only did she do this for my son, but the team as a whole (Varsity and JV). Her training on and off the field increased every players level of playing all the way to the collegiate level. If it were not for Coach Beckman, my son would not be in a private college, and it was through her guidance and support that our family obtained scholarship opportunities for our son. I am forever grateful for her guidance and teachings, not only for my son but for myself as well. Thank you so much."  Evelyn Dubon

"Kristi Beckman has been a positive influence on my son, Luke, both on and off the field, and has been the community’s “go-to” person from the time she joined the D.C. United family. She is approachable, possesses a positive attitude, and expresses genuine concern for the players’ college options and decisions. She encouraged my son to attend Old Dominion University, where he recently completed his first season with the ODU team as conference champions! My son’s athletic and academic accomplishments to this point are a direct result of Kristi’s investment in Luke and the rest of the D.C. United team. We are so grateful!"    Mike & Angelina Campbell

"Coach Beckman... I just wanted to thank your for doing what you do and being who you are.  You make my son Toby feel like a rock star.  He told me he thought he was doing well, playing for you, but "more importantly... he knows where  he is, where he wants to go, and what he needs to work on to get there."  What?  Where did this child come from?!  He has learned so much from you and loves playing for you!  Thank you friend! :-)   Arlene Porter